Secret World MMO

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Secret World MMO

Hey guys. Within the last week or so, I've started playing a new massively multi-player online game called Secret World. Unlike mmo's that have come before, the subject of this one is modern horror. And there's a lot of Lovecraftian elements and easter eggs in the game too. It's Heroic Horror, rather than Investigative Horror. But its still loads of fun.

You even get to fight a big bad guy that looks an awful like Cthulhu at one point!

So, while this isn't an indepth review of the game, (although I think its pretty darn fun so far), I just thought I'd bring the Cthulhu connection to your attention in case any of you are interested.

Here's an article on Lovecraft's Influence on The Secret World.
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Re: Secret World MMO

Seems pretty cool. I've heard a lot of good things about it.
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Re: Secret World MMO

What's the cost to play?


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Re: Secret World MMO

Recently the cost changed actually.
It's now $29.99 one time cost and no subscription required after that.

But there will be expansions you will have to pay for to continue the story later.
Also they have premium subscriptions available that will get you all the expansions and some special things for the game.

Game is great i was in the beta trails for it.
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Re: Secret World MMO

If I only had the time man....
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Re: Secret World MMO

Don't I know it. MMOs will eat your life like Cthulhu eats SAN.
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Re: Secret World MMO

*Tries to avoid eye contact with the neglected Old Republic account glaring over at me*
Uh, yeah. Same here.
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Re: Secret World MMO

I played in the beta for the game and loved it. Unfortunately, I don't have alot of time now to play.

The one thing I didn't like was that you always had to start your character going to the same Lovecraftian town. Not that it wasn't great, but if I wanted to start a second character I didn't want to have to repeat the same quests (just for variety). Is it still like that?
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Re: Secret World MMO

Played for a couple weeks once it went to no subscription not too long ago & apart from a few Lovecraftian touches in the first 3 starting maps in New England, it at least has a good premise but really fell apart not only in the combat just being stale (esp. compared to the other Funcom mmorpg Age of Conan) as you get a lot of variety on what to pick though as the skill bar is rather short you wind up going with the same 2-4 combinations most of the time. For me though the biggest fault is in the story as there's 3 factions to pick (Illuminati, Dragon & Templars) however early on the game does very little to give any real difference between them apart from a few outfits & rough classes based on 2 different weapon combinations.

At least now there's no subscription fee so it's like many others where you can try it out easier, plus with it being on steam I'd say anyone interested in this to some degree to wait a month or when the next big steam sale goes on & then get it and other Cthulhu themed games* for a lot less.

*other ones to look for on steam: Cthulhu Saves the World?!? (fun 8-bit rpg), Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth (great esp. in recreating the Gilman house in Innsmouth, shame there's not a sequel anytime soon), They Bleed Pixels & hopefully soon Elder Sign (stuck in steam greenlight but great mobile turn based game with stellar audio). Anyone else here in MU welcome to add me to the friends list on steam (same name- fox01313).
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Re: Secret World MMO

I love Call of Cthulhu: The Dark Corners of the Earth. It is even better if you have the movie Dagon and/or the Escape from Dunwich campaign fresh in your mind while you play it. I'm listening to the game soundtrack once in awhile. I like good horror soundtracks, and that game's soundtrack together with the soundtrack of F.E.A.R. are often on my playlists.

fox01313 wrote:Anyone else here in MU welcome to add me to the friends list on steam (same name- fox01313).

Added you today. I'm the guy with 204 games and an insane amount of game-hours on LOTRO.
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