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Re: Bump in the Night

I have dropped it in the drop box dan, though it was recorded in a bit of a hurry on "el crackle mic", so the sound is far from perfect. I really need a new mic.
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Re: Bump in the Night

This review was quite helpful. I backed Bumps in the kickstater and I'm very happy with it. The writing and the art is fantastic. As a freshly minted keeper, I'm going to take Zombieneighbours advice here and wait until I build up my keeper acumen before running it. These scenarios really deserve to be run right.
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Re: Bump in the Night

I am glad you like it.
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Re: Bump in the Night

Just got this as a random find at the local game/comic shop & while it's hard to give a full review, I will say that based off the scenarios I've read, they are quite fun looking & should be quite a treat to run through. Apart from the writing & art being done quite well, there are two parts that I'm hoping gets in EVERY future CoC/Trail of Cthulhu game scenario. Without a pre-gen character group in this book, at the start of the first scenario there is one section called Investigators which goes over not only what character types are good for the scenario but also gives a few paragraphs of 3 ideal character groups that would be good for the scenario.

Inside there are spots talking briefly about the parts where the different groups might come in or have issues with over other groups. The one thing that I really think should be in every scenario is an expansion on the conclusion part of the scenario. Apart from the simple little paragraph roughly summing things up on how things could go, it also has a decent size to another part called SAN Rewards & Penalties with about a 4-9+ options which is quite useful as well as giving the ending of the scenario a bit more weight if it's part of a campaign. Not all of them are as detailed as the example below but it gives keepers good ideas on not only how the players might be at the end depending on their situation but also make the hellish ordeal a little more rewarding to those who go out of their way to do things in the game than the other scenarios I've seen where it just give a flat reward at the end for the main enemy gone.

Here's an edited list to not spoil things from one of the scenarios to steal for other campaign writings:
SAN Rewards & Penalties
Action or Event ............ Result
Kill main enemy ............ +1D6 SAN
Eliminate the group ............ +1d8 SAN
Destroy the threat ............ +1d8 SAN
Save the historical stuff ............ +1d4 SAN
Save the innocents ............ +1d6 SAN
Rescue the main innocent NPC ............ +1d6 SAN
Refuse to help the main innocent NPC ............ -1d8 SAN
PC or close friend/family killed ............ -1d6 SAN
Additional PC/friends/family/innocent NPC killed ............ Keeper's Discretion
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