Tales of the Crescent City

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Tales of the Crescent City

Right now, Golden Goblin Press could write a coffee table book on mashed potatoes and I would support their Kickstarter. I sign up for KS campaigns with a year arrival date, and I receive no updates and I'm still waiting for them. Tales of the Crescent City is funded in early March and by late June I have on my computer the greatest gaming pdf I've ever seen and the book is finished and in the printers queue to be produced. And I got 44 updates along the way! I don't care if the book won't make the delivery date, it will an early Christmas when that shows up. Bravo!

I haven't managed to read through the scenarios, but a quick skim of the information sections and I know vastly more about New Orleans than I ever thought I would. Heck I want to drop my Masks campaign, or better yet, have them follow some red herring to the Big Easy and stay awhile.
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Re: Tales of the Crescent City

I have to concur completely! In a sector of the RPG industry where customer service and communication are often woefully poor and delays are the rule rather than the exception, GG really shines. Other publishing houses should take notice of their methods!
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Re: Tales of the Crescent City

One of players did the KS and is going to run it for us.
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