MUP 100 - The Paragon of Pulp Percentiles!

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Re: MUP 100 - The Paragon of Pulp Percentiles!

Cheers to getting to #100 & looking forward to hearing many many more.

As for show ideas, here are a few that came to mind:

*The scenario building idea was a good one in the past, so are there any locations that the hosts can think of that are untouched for games so what themes or games would go for these untouched locations?

*Any modern mythical or folklore (real or fiction) going into the Call of Cthulhu games as a side mission not using the Cthulhu mythos?

*With all the horrors of war, what kinds of mythos threats would have been more active with events like the US Civil War, 1812 & Revolutionary War?

*With Pulp Cthulhu getting close to out in print, what pulp movies/stories would be for fun CoC games?

*Would a more focused professions group be good for Call of Cthulhu so you'd get a tighter knit of how everyone knows each other but many similar skills (i.e. team of all mafia, academics, soldiers, etc.) or keep the group more diverse?

*Aside from Miskatonic U students, any ideas about using CoC for younger player characters?

*Sadly not a lot for Atomic Age Cthulhu. Any thoughts to add to that setting book & timeline?

*Classic monster movies that were inspired by the Mythos (like the first rendition of the Thing)? Which movies would have been better with some Mythos stuff instead of some half-built monster like a gorilla wearing a space helmet?

*Other good spots in history for Shadows over Innsmouth of the buildup of the town or the raid?

*Hastur, Hastur, Hastur.

*Good horror/sci-fi stories/books to use as foundation for cosmic horror & CoC games?

*Ideal size for CoC games in matter of player count. Any good or bad advice with smaller or larger groups than the ideal size?
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Re: MUP 100 - The Paragon of Pulp Percentiles!

Thanks for all the show ideas! Putting them on our list now!
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Re: MUP 100 - The Paragon of Pulp Percentiles!

Around 55:50 Keeper Jon speaks about a French Version of CoC 7E I believe. He references some kind of 1930's style wooden shipping crate that was part of some promotion. I have scoured the Interwebs looking for this mythical box and have yet to see any images of it.

If anyone is able, I would very much appreciate any images or web pages that show or reference this Crate. My intention is to either recreate it or make my own version of it. I have a rather large wood shop and like to do fun projects like this.

Any help would be appreciated.
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