Celia’s Cilia Giveaway Has a Winner

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Celia’s Cilia Giveaway Has a Winner

Thank you all for voting and entering the contest for The Book of Cthulhu II.

The winner of the contest is Nvision here on the forum, Ian MacLean, with his entry: Mythos Babies

We again want to thank everyone who entered their art to the contest.

Cthulhu Family by Joe
Welcome to Leng by EddyPo here on the forums
We also received one entry after submissions were closed. I didn't want to confuse voting by adding another picture to the prior contest page, but here is the late entry from NewOrleansMythos.

Kraken Attacking an Oil Rig by NewOrleansMythos
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Re: Celia’s Cilia Giveaway Has a Winner

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Re: Celia’s Cilia Giveaway Has a Winner

Awesome! Thanks guys, and thanks for those who voted! :)

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