MUP 129 - Overworked Horses and Pre-Con Chat

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MUP 129 - Overworked Horses and Pre-Con Chat

This episode, Murf, Chad and Dan get together for a shorter show to give a Crier update, then some talk about NecronomiCon Providence. This episode was recorded on, August 7, 2017.

Campus Crier
Our thoughts go out to Joe Pulver, who has had some health problems recently and won’t be able to attend NecronomiCon. There has been some pretty good news on that front, it’s not as serious as feared, but he’s still out of commish and he and his wife could use a boost if you’ve got something to donate to help while he’s in recovery. Katrin says “a huge huge thank you” to those in the community who have helped defray some of the medical bills.

The Shape of Water

Down Darker Trails Call of Cthulhu in the Old West!

Call of Cthulhu document wallet, handmade from real leather, equipped with multiple pockets and embossed with one of 3 designs.

Lovecraftian horror creeps into AMC's The Ballad of Black Tom

Achtung! Cthulhu Living Campaign!

Yog-Sothoth article on the campaign

MUP Fundraiser! Thanks to everyone who has donated to the Con fund. We have reached to nearly $800, and the scenario by Keeper Jon will be released once the final touches are complete.

Here's a preview of the scenario!

Card Catalog
And from the Graham Annex of the Orne Library, we have this wonderful resource for historic menus and recipes.

The translations of the menu from the Ceylon Dinner are particularly good.

We talk about our expectations of the con, and the panels that we'll either be on or intent to attend.

Murf mentions a poster by artist Nick Gucker that he wants to get. Behold, The Cats of Ulthar
Keeper Dan of the Miskatonic University Podcast

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Re: MUP 129 - Overworked Horses and Pre-Con Chat

Good luck at the convention. Glad you found that 'free translation' of the Ceylon Dinner (Which were actually as done in the 19thC) as hilarious as I did. The OldFoodie has covered menu naming rules before, in a couple of posts

The Art of Naming Dishes on Bills of Fare.

Rules for the Naming of Dishes.

Another fun entry is an example of Australian 'Bush Cooking'

First catch your cockatoo.

And some 'fusion quisine'

Authentic Mexican?
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Re: MUP 129 - Overworked Horses and Pre-Con Chat

Loved the return of the Card Catalog...and while I was traveling I listened to a group of podcasts. One was on the History of Scotland and there was this discussion about the Meigle Stone Museum in Scotland...and there are a couple that would be great for the basis for a story or a jumping off point to even more Mythos based stones ... ish-stones

Now these two are called Loki stones, but you could easily see them as something Mythos - or so I think ... le-museum/

Can't wait to hear about the Con


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Re: MUP 129 - Overworked Horses and Pre-Con Chat

Post con if you are putting together material for the podcast you might consider some of the discussions in the other panel


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Re: MUP 129 - Overworked Horses and Pre-Con Chat
Here's another one for you all, show tunes of the 1930s...




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Re: MUP 129 - Overworked Horses and Pre-Con Chat

Appros of nothing: I just wanted to say that. actually it's slightly relevant to the culinary topic and a frickin' hilarious website, if ancient in internet terms.


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Re: MUP 129 - Overworked Horses and Pre-Con Chat

I just wanted to say how wonderful it was to meet you all at Necronomicon. Sure, Jon wasn't there, but the puppet was so lifelike that I feel like I met him anyway. The rest of you were reassuringly fleshy, banishing any worries I had about you being wax effigies filled with alien, buzzing voices.

And thank you all again for recording the crossover episode with The Good Friends of Jackson Elias. It was one of the highest points in a week that was filled with more high points than the Himalayas.

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