Great character sheets

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Great character sheets

Here is a good site to find character sheets. I use the Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition Character Sheet 4.0 for almost all the Call of Cthulhu scenarios I "torment" my players with. That character sheet is bulit with layers that allows you to customize your sheet and play anything from Delta Green to CoC Dark Ages.

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Re: Great character sheets

brilliant resource! I've been using Mad Irishman for a long long time now.
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Re: Great character sheets

Thanks for sharing. BTW, the western one doesn't seem to work anymore.
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Re: Great character sheets

I been using his sheets for years. His Traveler stuff and D&D stuff are great.

The site does still work for the most part but he hasn't done anything with it since 2012.

I will look and see if I have that wild west sheet on my pc at home for ya. Never know what you may have laying around.
If it is I'll share a drop box link for ya.

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