Seven portraits of Elvira Wallin

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Seven portraits of Elvira Wallin


Between 1889 and 1923 the artist Elsa Korbin painted seven portraits of the dilettente Elvira Wallin. The portraits were said to have arcane properties. Each one by itself is harmless, but together they supposedly posessed great magical power. After her death, Korbin's painting were scattered. Now the painting has caught the eye of The Queen in Yellow, and she wants to exhibit them together. Where this will lead, nobody knows, but the queen seems to have a plan.

I've recently acquired this lovely campaign book for the Swedish Cults roleplaying game, and I'm looking for players! This R-rated campaign is set in the fictive alternative Sweden of author Anders Fager. It is a filthier, rougher Sweden, where a group of teenage girls lure boys into their woods to have sex with while eating their flesh and sacrificing to the messenger of the black goat. A Stockholm where for unknown reasons, 151 elderly men and women from all over the Stockholm metropolitan area got up in the middle of the night, walked to and reached the Västerbron bridge simultaneously, and jumped off. A Stockholm where on live TV, My Witt, the Queen in Yellow, has brought and is showing the head of her newly decapitated husband.

Oh, and did I mention that you're not playing as investigators trying to stop the mythos? Oh no, you're on more of the supply side of the mythos, playing as cultists, thugs, thieves etc.

Given that this is a campaign written in Swedish, for a gaming system written in Swedish, it seems likely that for the english speaker, this is a rare chance to play in this campaign. I am looking for 4-5 players willing to take that chance. As I said, this is a campaign. I would be very surprised if it is finished in less than 10 sessions.

The plan is to run this every other Saturday at around 8pm Swedish time (which is usually 2 pm eastern time) in two hour sessions. The sessions will be recorded and released on the Internet.

Any takers? :)


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Re: Seven portraits of Elvira Wallin

Oh man this sounds like so much fun. I just am not sure I can commit. GRRRRRRR...
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Re: Seven portraits of Elvira Wallin


You've got my email.
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Re: Seven portraits of Elvira Wallin

So sadly had to decline... BAH! :p

Looking forward to the recordings! :)

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