Kilroy was Here!

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Kilroy was Here!

A beautiful young woman's pineal gland is torn out below graffiti boldly declaring "Kilroy was Here!" Shady men in dark suits lurk in the neighborhood, and a visit from an old war buddy changes grizzled vetrans. Now, their children are left to uncover the secrets of Kilroy, or face the consequences of failure.

Intrigued? You should be. Horrified? You will be. Titillated? You need help. I invite you, companions in the weird, to plumb the depths of human depravity on Friday, August 1st. "Kilroy was Here!" is an Atomic Era game set in New York City. You are invited to create your own character, a youngster just out of highschool (set education at 12), or play one of the pregenerated characters. Gameplay will take place over skype using CoC 5.6 rules.
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Re: Kilroy was Here!

OH MAN - sounds great, unfortunately I'm oncall on the 1st. :p Have a great session, sounds damned fun!

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Re: Kilroy was Here!

Interested but need more info. Just PM me.
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