CoC Play-by-Post Game - Looking for Players

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CoC Play-by-Post Game - Looking for Players

That Which Should Not Be

The time is the roaring Twenties. The Great War is a faded memory, America is in ascendancy, Wall Street is pumping greenbacks, hepcats and flappers are dancing to that new Jazz, and Prohibition is vainly trying to halt the hooch. But beneath this gilded surface are grim undercurrents of crime, disturbing discoveries and dark secrets.

Recruiting for a play-by-post Call of Cthulhu homebrew adventure for up to six players. Diverse happenings swirl into a web of investigative paths bringing together the characters for a common goal. Post rate every couple of days. Inspiration from Alan Moore, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Boardwalk Empire. The game is on the Unseen Servant old school gaming boards - see recruitment at ... 42#p141342
or PM me for joining. Thank you.

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Re: CoC Play-by-Post Game - Looking for Players

Hmmm.... tempted. We're going into the silly season now, I've got two manuscripts that I'm working on, and I'm researching which adventure I want to run for my group next. I need to assess if I actually have the time for a play-by-post game. If I do, you'll see me applying for your game.

Thanks for posting a notice here too! :cthulhudance:

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