How to make sure your ward covers the whole city

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How to make sure your ward covers the whole city

How would a modern wizard make sure their ward or blessing covers the whole city, for years at a time? You could just paper it up, or buy advertising space, but if you really want good coverage work it into the batter used to upholster city transit and they'll make it out of the most durable fabrics they can find
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Re: How to make sure your ward covers the whole city

Or you just need to think in really large scale.

Until recent years, when they broke it by adding a new runway, the layout of Logan Airport in Boston was that of a gigantic Masonic symbol of protection... But now that the Grand Lodge (the one that Paul Revere and friends belonged to) has been reduced to what is basically a museum with only a few active members their power was broken and the new runway was the final straw that removed the protections that protected the city and its nearby suburbs.

Or so the story goes.... :cthulhudance:

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