Mythos - Skirmish Miniature Game

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Re: Mythos - Skirmish Miniature Game

Looking good! Team Hungry seems fun to play. Are you guys doing demos anywhere?
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Re: Mythos - Skirmish Miniature Game

They are!!!

We all loved the "Team Hungry" name as well, they may well be renamed to this as its awesome:)

We are currently alpha testing the rules so we arent at a stage to be demoing the game at the moment. Once we are happy with the ruleset then we will be going down the wider playtesting route.

We are going to have a stand at Salute (UK Show) this year and we wil be showing off some previously unreleased work and also a surprise or two!!


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Re: Mythos - Skirmish Miniature Game

Update time - We are now on the home strech regarding our preperations for Salute. We are going to be on stand TJ11 which is located right next door to Element Games.

As we draw closer we wanted to share the journey of the making of the "Sea Queen" with you. Here's two of the initial images that we had designed - more to come soon!

As ever your feedback would be very much appreciated.


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